A motion detector, for flush ceiling installation, with 360º detection angle and up to seven metres detection diameter when installed at 2.5 metres height. They are orientable and detect invisible infrared from persons and other heat sources without emitting any type of radiation, its output circuit activates when a heat source moves in front of its detector and deactivates when it no longer detects the movement after an adjustable delay. The DICROMAT 2+ has two circuits: one with timing, detection range and luminosity level adjustments, the other only has timing and detection range adjustments

  • In DICROMAT + several sensors of detection of movement can be connected (additional sensors DICROMAT SENSOR +), in a single power supply module
  • DICROMAT + admits 4 extensions DICROMAT SENSOR + and DICROMAT 2+ admits up to 15 extensions DICROMAT SENSOR +
  • It incorporates operation LED
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