PSB-1218 condensate water blowdown pump

PSB-1218 is used for remove condensated water in ceiling suspended and disconnect-type air-conditioners,which can’t be removed naturally.PSB-1218’s design has two parts:pump room/control equipment,water storage tank add on automatic switch.These two parts can be installed in air-conditioners,or pump room /control equipment can be installed in the ceiling, or behind the indoor mounted unit. Floating control of water storage tank is seperated into three parts - start-up,cease and safety warning switch.Enclosure inlet pipe,clamp,cloth insertion sheet,exhaust pipe and drain pipe.

1.  Full rotation type -start-up,cease,water line spilled over safety warning switch
2.  Designed as two parts,used for easily and quick install.
3.  Pump is auto-suction type,can be installed behind air-conditioner,or place in it in the ceiling space above.  
4.  Water storage tank connects on 13-17mm wash port in air-conditioner.
5.  Max flow:14kl/h (3.7 US gallon)
6.  Max head:12m (39feet)
7.  Operating range: 6kl/h while head is 4m (1.6 US gallon/h while head is 13.1feet)
8.  Used for air-conditioner equipment,max is 10kw (30,000BTU) (4kw used in wet areas)
9.  Exhaust pipe enclosed water storage tank
10. Overheating auto power off protective device
11.  Design of pump exit used for: 4×6mm (5/32 inch inner diameter of water pipe)
12.  TUV certificate
13.  IP=20

14. 230v


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