Includes: Toshiba RAS-10SKVR-A Indoor High-Wall unit and RAS-10SAVR-A Outdoor unit

This model has a heating of 3.2kW and a cooling of 2.5kW
This model is suited for a room of about 21m2 - upsize for poor insulation or large areas of north facing glass.
We have many other models that will suite any size room in your house or office - just ask the question

DC Hybrid Inverter technology saves you power and reduces energy costs (especially during off-peak times), it also helps reach your desired set temperature as fast as possible.

Air Ionizer: 
Generating 1million negative ions for every square centimetre of air, it creates a pleasant sensation like that found in a forest or in the mountains.

Super Oxi-Deo Filter:
Combination between coffee bean extract, vitamin C and super zeolite filters, it works as an anti oxidant and deodoriser

Self Cleaning:
The self-cleaning operation is designed to inhibit the growth of mould inside the air conditioner. This advanced system reduces moisture in the coils, to avoid proliferation of bacteria.

Plasma Air Purifier
It absorbs and eliminates particle pollutants such as dust, pollen and viruses.

Personalized Comfort
Toshiba has created useful new functions to meet the most demanding needs like...
One Touch Personal Comfort: with this function you don't need to select multiple settings
One Touch Preset: you can memorise your preferred operation mode, temperature, timer, louver, fan speed and hi-power settings and with the touch of a button restore them at anytime.             
Quiet Function: the indoor unit will operate at the lowest noise level - it shifts to super-low speed, reducing the sound level by a further 3 dbB(A)


  • Indoor unit: 275H x 790W x 205D
  • Outdoor unit: 550H x 780W x 290D   


Indoor & Outdoor Unit

  • Cooling capacity-2.5kW
  • Cooling range(min-max)- 1.1 - 3.1
  • Power input(min.-rated-max.)- 0.250-0.598-0.820
  • Energy star rating- 6 stars
  • Annual energy consumption: 299
  • Heating capacity- 3.2kW
  • Heating rtange(min-max)- 0.9-4.8
  • Power input(min-rated-max)- 0.170-0.750-1.400
  • COP- 4.2


Indoor Unit

  • Air flow(max)- 515m3/h  143l/s
  • Sound pressure level(high/low/quiet)- 38/26/23 dB
  • Dimensions- 275H x 790W x 205D
  • Weight- 9kg


Outdoor Unit

  • Air flow- 1800m3/h  500l/s
  • Sound pressure level cooling(high/low)- 46dB
  • Sound power level cooling(high/low)- 59dB
  • Operating range(cooling)- -10 to 46 'C
  • Operating range(heating)- -15 to 24
  • Sound pressure level heating(high/low)- 47dB
  • Sound power level heating(high/low)- 60dB
  • Dimensions- 550H x 780W x 290D   
  • Weight- 35kg
  • Compressor type- DC rotary
  • Power supply- 220V-240V/1ph/50Hz

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