Includes: Toshiba RAS-13SKV-A Indoor High-Wall unit and RAS-13SAV-A Outdoor Unit.

This model has a heating of 4.2 KW and a cooling of 3.5 KW
This model is  suited to a room of about 28 m2 - upsize if you have poor insulation or large area of north facing glass
We have many other models that will suite any size room in your house or office - just ask the question.

Quality has always been Toshiba's strength and remains the trademark that differentiates Toshiba air conditioners from the competition. This inverter high-wall model has 5 STAR ENERGY RATING on heating and 4.5 star on cooling

Toshiba DC Hybrid inverter technology combines two important control systems to ensure absolute comfort and maximised energy savings: PAM (Pulse Width Modulation), that generates maximum power at start up, and PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) that optimises the efficiency once the ideal temperature has been reached.

Low Noise:
The SKV Inverter high-wall is the MOST SILENT indoor unit in its category, with only 20db(a), even the outdoor unit provides extraordinarily low sound levels.

Filtration System:
Toshiba's 7-in-1 filtration system helps stop impurities from reaching you and your family. With this advanced system, the air passes throw several filters and becomes purer, fresher and healthier, ensuring optimised comfort in your home.


  • Indoor Unit - 275H x 790W x 205D mm
  • Outdoor Unit - 550H x 780W x 290D mm
  • Pipe sizes - Liquid 1/4   Gas 3/8  Pipe length min 1m max 20m

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