Includes: RAS-B18UFV-A indoor floor standing wall unit and RAS-18SAVR-A outdoor unit

This model has a heating of 5.8kW and a cooling of 5.0kW
This model is suited for a room of about 38m2 - upsize for poor insulation and large areas of north facing glass.
We have many other models that will suite any size room in your house or office - just ask the question

The two outlets at the top and bottom ensure comfortable air conditioning. Especially, the warm air from the bottom is Toshiba original feature and it flows to the floor directly and spreads along the floor.

Floor Warming Mode
Floor warming mode is inspired by the warmth of a fireplace. It blows warmer air than normal heating mode with less uncomfortable blasts of air. You can easily switch to it by pressing Floor Warming on remote-control button.

Smart User Interface
Toshiba console has smart user interface on the body. It enables basic opertaion touching it without remote controller; on/off, temperature control, operation mode selection and air outlet selection. In addition, it displays the temperature, operation mode and air outlet direction in colour. In addition, it's LED light glow is adjustable by brightnes control. Moreover, child lock function enables to freeze the display panel.

The console indoor unit is highly stylish. It is high-grade, elegant, simple and harmonizes with interior. It can easily replace radiators and can be installed under bay windows.

Ideal for both domestic and small commercial installations.
The console can be installed on the ground, concealed underneath a structure and can be hung up to 1metre off the ground.


  • Indoor unit: 600H x 700W x 220D
  • Outdoor unit: 550H x 780W x 290D 


Indoor Unit

  • Capacity- 5.0kW  (1.0-5.7)
  • Power- 1.63kW  (0.20-1.95)
  • Energy rating- 3.01 stars
  • FCU Noise- 46dB/43dB/40dB/37dB/34dB
  • CDU Noise- 49dB
  • Weight- 16kg


Outdoor Unit

  • Capacity- 5.8kW  (1.1-6.3)
  • Power- 1.81kW  (0.20-2.20)
  • Energy rating- 3.20 stars
  • FCU Noise- 46dB/43dB/40dB/37dB/34dB
  • CDU Noise- 50dB
  • Weight- 41kg

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