Undertile Heatmat 2 square meters

To work out what size kit you require please follow the next 3 steps:
  1.  Measure your total floor area that you wish to be heated. (Less any immovable objects such as a bath or kitchen units that you do not want the heating to be fitted under).
  2.  Take off a 10cm boarder around the floor area to be heated as the heating elements should not be run up tight against any walls.
  3.  This measurement should then be rounded down to the nearest 0.5m, (ie 5.27m2 floor size would be rounded down to a 5m2 kit size). The measurement can be rounded down to the nearest 1m on larger room areas.
Cutting in The Matt
  1. Make sure the floor area is level, clean and free of any dust and debris. If laying tiles the floor should be made suitable for laying tiles before the heating or insulation boards (if required)are laid.
  2. To fit the heating cable the heated floor area must be first marked out with clear markings at even centres at opposite ends of the room / heated area, (the distance between markings will depend upon the wattage required per m2 and length of cable to be laid). To mark the floor the installer should first work out what wattage per m2 is required and thus what length or wattage cable is required. The floor should then be marked to show the desired spacing between cable runs to achieve the desired wattage per m2 over the floor area.

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